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December 22, 2016

Pay it Forward

What Is The Season of Giving?

It seems sometimes that the Holiday Season can be a short time to be extra kind to your friends and neighbors.  I prefer to think that it is a time to raise the bar on caring so that it can be held high for the entire year. 

Extend the Season

Do we want a brief period of caring and kindness or would we prefer to live in that kind of world all the time? The trick is to create a habit of paying it forward.  I like to put anything less than a quarter into the ‘Kids Camp’ bucket.  The name ‘Kids Camp’ comes from the Ronald MacDonald House and Tim Horton’s Kids Camp coin buckets at the check-out of these 2 fine establishments.  I reinforce giving in my kids by letting them put the dimes, nickels and in the Canadian Olden Days pennies in to these coin buckets.  The change is put to good use for many in need and that is awesome.  The act of doing this regularly reminds me that life is not so complicated but it can be difficult for many.  I am reminded to be kind and to pay it forward whenever I can.

Cool Forward Payer

I was in NFLD on the weekend at a job site.  At the guard shack I was talking motorcycles with the guards in the shack.  Well OK I was talking Harley Davidson.  I told them I collect shirts from the various dealerships and that I really wanted a Mile 1 Harley shirt from the NFLD dealer at the first mile of the Trans-Canada Highway.  Since I was only in town on Sunday and they are not open Sunday I would have to come back another time to get one.  I got an email today from him today.  He is at the dealership and wants to know what color I like because he is going to send me one.  Now that is unnecessary but very much appreciated.

Join and Continue the Pay it Forward Culture

Because of the kindness and generosity of the guard I suddenly  feel like I am in a debt position with the Pay-it-Forward karma.  I am actively looking for ways to pay it forward and it feels great to be on the lookout for ways to be caring and kind.  Imagine a world where we are all on the lookout for ways to be caring and kind to the people around us.  Let’s use the holiday season to raise this bar and then hold it high until next year when we can raise it even higher. Tell me about your pay it forward moments whether you are ‘payee’ or ‘payer’ and don’t forget to like my post


Posted by:
Michael McCourt at 4:23 PM
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