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March 21, 2017

Market Like a Rock Star

How Long Does it Take to Forget Us When We Go?

Selling is tough but as Robert Louis Stevenson said “Everyone lives by selling something.”  It is hard to get a meeting with a key potential client. It can be stressful to host and hold a meeting that has purpose and meaning for the potential client.  No matter how much you think you nailed the meeting you should ask yourself honestly, ‘how long will this prospective client remember me, my company and my pitch?'  Everyone is busy so if you are truthful, the answer is probably not very long at all.

How Do We Make Sure We are Remembered?

First and foremost your SWAG (Stuff We All Get) has to be high quality.  Quality SWAG reflects the quality of your brand.  Why give someone even a pen if it is going to be their second favorite pen.  You want your to be the one they use every day all day because they love the way it writes. 

Second, you have to be different.  This is a hard thing to do but well worth the effort.

My Favorite Promo Items So Far

I have a few favorites.  We made up Hot Wheels cars to look like D&D cars.  I called Hot Wheels and Matchbox for permission so that base was covered.  The key was to use Hot Wheels Honda’s when we were presenting to Honda and Chrysler or GM when we were presenting to them.  Attention to detail is very important.  No one else was doing this but it has been copied by others since but that is fine with me.  To imitate someone is to pay the person a genuine compliment — often an unintended compliment.

Screen wipes were a huge hit and dirt cheap.  We had them branded with our message and everyone I ever give one to loves it and hangs onto it for a long time.

My latest favorite is a mini goal stick to promote our newest product in the VERA™ line. The VERA™ Feeder which is being unveiled at the ProMat/Automate Show in Chicago in a couple weeks.  If you want one, head over to Promat Automate and pick one up at our booth #N142.

We source our marketing out to a company called The Blondes.  They are the best at creating outstanding marketing pieces that all fit together into a single cohesive brand.  I love The Blondes!  They are Awesome!

I would love to hear from anyone who has a great piece of SWAG that has worked well.  I would love to compliment you by imitating you and your promotional idea. I have a free Tim Hortons or Starbucks coffee for any client or supplier partner who responds and don’t forget to like and share my post.

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Michael McCourt at 4:13 PM
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