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November 15, 2016

Learn to Adapt to Change

If you are Going to Have Livestock…


A few years back my wife and I lived on a beef farm. One day one of our prized black angus beef cows died. It was the first loss we had experienced in our herd.  A wise man, OK it was my Father-in -Law said to me, “Mike, if you are going to have livestock, you are going to have deadstock”.  What a great lesson not just in the beef business but in many facets of life.  We all waste some of our time and energy with things that used to matter but don’t anymore. Some of us waste more time and energy than others but this is a choice we make.   

King Arthur’s Lesson

I was taking a seminar recently about The lessons of King Arthur and the Round table. The same lesson came up again but in a different way.  What was the name of King Arthur’s sword?  Excalibur of course.  It was the sword that, when he pulled it from the stone made him King.  But did you know that King Arthur broke Excalibur in his first fight with the Black Night and he was almost killed.  You never hear about Excalibur again in the stories about King Arthur. This is because King Arthur he threw the broken Excalibur down immediately and chose a new sword.  How dangerous it would have been to go into battle again with a broken sword and how smart to just leave it and get a new one.


Drop the Old Habits

Are there things in your life that are broken and improve your life by just moving on sometimes.  What do you have in your life that is either broken or is no longer the right tool for the job?  Are you still using it for sentimental reasons?  Are you using it because you hope that it might still work even though you know there are better tools?  Practice dropping those things. You don’t have forget what you experienced or the growth that you experienced with the old tool. When it is time just don’t be afraid to let it go. Adapt to the change and move on.  You will be stronger for it.  Life is always showing us new ideas and things to make life easier.  If we don’t let go of the old in our lives we can never make room for the new.

Remember, if you are going to have livestock, you are going to have deadstock.  Time to go buy a new cow.

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Posted by:
Michael McCourt at 12:46 PM
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