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October 31, 2016

It’s Important to Blog

Blogging is Communication

Human beings seem to need communication to live. Any good business wouldn’t last without great communications.  Just ask Verne Harnish, his books Rockefeller Habits and Scaling Up are all about great communication.  Some crave it more than others and the modern world allows us to hear and be heard in a way that wasn’t possible all that long ago.  A Blog is a tool that any company or person serious about success will need to be involved in.


Good Communication is Vital to Success

One of my favorite ways to explain social media is to compare it a huge party going on in the internet.  You don’t have to be the center of attention or the life of the party but you do need to be in the room.  You have to have a Facebook page and as a professional person you also need a LinkedIn page.  Just having these accounts makes you a wallflower at the party.  Like and comment on posts that you see on these platforms and you become a piece of the party.  Write a blog and you are partying like it’s 2016.  You gain great insights into your own thinking when you put yourself and your ideas out there for others to see.

Try It Yourself, You Might Enjoy it


Ask yourself what you hope to accomplish over the course of your life and your career.  Jack Daly says that if you tell other people what you are trying to do, it is human nature to help.  Put your ideas out there and you will be surprised by who will pitch in to help you accomplish great things.  In this new connected world I guarantee that there are other

people with similar thoughts and some with polar opposite.  YouTube is for lazy people who can’t be bothered to read.  Embrace the Blog and learn something new today. 

Surf the net and read a few postings.  Comment on a Blog or two. Engage in online conversation.


What Are Your Favorite Blog Topics?

Let me know who your favorite bloggers and blog posts are.  I like to read about all kinds of new and exciting things and don’t forget to like my post.

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Michael McCourt at 3:41 PM
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