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February 23, 2017

Generals & Sub-Contractors on Projects

Do Subs Realize How They Look to the Client?

Our building at 658 Erie Street is almost done with its facelift and I am thrilled with the results.  I can’t wait for the new sign to go up.  It’s funny being the client and not the contractor or one of the sub-contractors.  This is a new perspective for me and it give me some insights.  As a general contractor I would recommend Todd at Belliveau Construction every time.  Thanks Todd you and your team have been great. All but one of the sub-contractors have been great too. 

It is amazing how one bad sub-contractor can cast a negative shadow over the general and even the rest of the subs. Like the one sub-contractor who left nails all over our parking lot and now months later is still causing flat tires! This makes me wonder if we, that is D&D are great subs every time and what we are doing about it if we are not.  Another little look in the mirror.

We Are A Reflection of the General

A general contractor is the leader and the sub-contractors are the team.  This is not unlike any sports team.  Are you more likely to win the cup with a team of superstars who are each there for their own personal glory?  Are you more likely to win the cup with a team a good players who really pull together for the glory of the entire team?  I don’t know for sure who would win that match but I know which team I would rather be involved with.  I would also rather lead or coach a team that is all pulling together that try to herd a bunch of superstars who are all doing their own thing.

Be Part of  Great Team

A great team will stick together and win many championships.  This is what I call playing the long game.  It is important to be successful on each and every project but if you can create a great team and hold it together then you have a real winner.  Opportunities to be successful will find you.  Team mates will have your back just as you have theirs.  When you get a team mate who is not performing the entire team will lean on them to either move up or move out.  Move up is to improve their game and be a positive contributor and move out is to leave the team and make room for a new member of the team. The lesson is be the team mate you want others to be and hold the bar high for the rest of the team.

So my original thought about how we perform as team leaders or members on our projects.  The larger team is also built into our PEP or Project Execution Plans that we build for every project.  I would love to hear from anyone who has worked with us and get that feedback. What kind of a leader or member is D&D?  I have a free Tim Hortons or Starbucks coffee for any client or supplier partner who responds and don’t forget to like and share my post.

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Michael McCourt at 9:09 AM
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