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January 14, 2015

Focus on Community

Focus Precedes Success

Several years ago I had the pleasure of meeting sales guru Jack Daly. If you get a chance to sit in on one of his sessions you should.  One of Jack’s mantras is focus precedes success.  He is right.
Most successful companies are reasonably focused on their core business but how many focus their corporate giving?  Like most companies, we used to give a small amount to anyone and everyone who asked.  Turns out we lacked focus and while we were giving to everyone we were actually making a difference to no one.  Once we realized that we decided to focus.


Where Do We Focus?

At the outside of our target we support causes that are important to our employees. We are regular winners of both the spirit and contribution winners for The Big Bike for heart and Stroke.


The next ring in our target is inclusive youth sport and recreation.  

We support several minor sports  teams and we send kids to camp every year who would not otherwise get the chance.

Closer to the center is Youth and Education.  This is why the Foundation for Education is one of our favorite causes. They do some great work with the kids in our area.
Ask any of the groups above if we make a difference with them and they will most assuredly tell you we do.  This is the power of focus.


Bull’s Eye

The bull’s eye for us is youth and technology and this reason we are launching D&D’s Awesome Battle of the Bots.  Battle of the Bots is a Lego building and programming competition using the Lego MindStorm building kits.  If you haven’t seen these things please check them out.  Lego has an amazing story of a company reinventing itself from simple building blocks to high tech building kits to fully programmable educational building sets that will blow your mind. Check them out if you haven’t already.

We have supplied the local school board with a number of the Lego MindStorm kits and set up a tournament here at our offices.  We were originally planning to get 4 teams and thought that if we got 8 teams that would be a big success for our first year.  We had to cap the tournament at 30 teams and have interest from over 100.  Wow! If you want to stay informed please like us on Facebook and Twitter or favorite our ABotB's webpage dedicated to the event.





Will You Do Me a Favor 

Go to my LinkedIn page and click Michael knows about (Entrepreneurship – Culture – Building Great Companies on Great Culture – Innovation). I really do know these things but everyone ‘Clicks’ me for controls and robotics.  I can do these things too but my strength and what I love is the business side.  Thanks for the help.

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Michael McCourt at 7:46 AM
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