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March 5, 2014

Culture of Innovation – Watch the Fly Wheel Effect

Give People Space to Think

Lots of people have great ideas. Most people need room and some encouragement to bring them forward.  I have been quoted a lot lately saying that “everybody is talking about innovation but precious few are actually doing anything about it.”  We have created a culture here at D&D where people are actively engaged in pushing their ideas forward.

The Multiplier Effect

There is a strong multiplier effect when innovation is implemented properly. More people bring more ideas forward and more help each other to make progress.  We created some filters to help people evaluate ideas for both technical probability and commercial viability. I have watched some Dragons Den episodes where you could feel the energy of the idea but see right through the commercial short comings.  Good TV but bad innovation.  Any idea that gets spoken out loud is a good idea since it is nothing until it sees the light of day.  A great idea has some technical challenge.  Technical challenge creates barriers to entry for competitors and also the potential for corporate intellectual property or patents.  A great idea also has commercial value.  If you can’t sell it can you really afford to do it? I don’t think so.  The 'Fly Wheel Effect' is an idea from Jim Collin's book Good to Great.  I have witnessed this first hand in our innovation drive.  It is a powerful force with game changing potential.

Innovation as a Service

The desire and ability to innovation has become so innate in our culture that people are now asking us to come and help them be better at innovation.  This is a service offering that we are working on now.  A problem with a potential solution requiring automation is a perfect place for D&D to get involved.  We are experts in the field of automation and we are disciplined in innovation.  Stayed tuned for more on our innovation as a service.  Let me know if you have an idea that no one will listen to.  I will listen. 


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Michael McCourt at 5:20 PM
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