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February 5, 2015

Awesome Battle of the Bots

Awesome Battle of the Bots

We have had our test runs and made all of the preparation. We are nearly ready to go and that is a good thing because Monday February the 9th is day one of D&D’s Awesome Battle of the Bots.  Why do we call is “Awesome Battle of the Bots” and not Battle of the Bots.  We do that so that we hold the bar high for ourselves.  We also want to hold the expectations of the competitors and guests high.  We do our best to make sure it is an “awesome” event for everyone. ‘Awesome’ can be an overused word but it carries a lot of passion and meaning with it. That’s why we use it.

How Did We Get Into This?

We have been involved in FIRST Robotics competitions over the years. They are a high energy events that focus on a few of the best up and coming engineering and science students at the secondary student level.  If you have never experienced FIRST I would recommend it.  The best is to attend a regional competition. The energy is incredible.  The problem with FIRST (In my humble opinion) is the cost per student.  It costs each team a minimum of $15k just to get started and the teams are rarely made up of more than 10 students.  $1500 per student does not seem like a good use of resources.  For the kids who get to be involved it is an incredible experience.

Next we got involved in First Lego League competitions which are geared toward elementary students.  These events are also very high energy and great for those students with an interest in engineering and science.  The problem here is finding teachers willing to take it on.  It is a lot of work and we have found some SuperStar teachers but they seem to be few and far between.  It is a big undertaking because there is the Lego Robot build component plus a research component to the competition. More than many of the teachers I talked to wanted to take on.

What are We Doing?

We made the competitions simple.  It is a Lego MindStorm build and program competition. There are 3 arenas on which each team competes.  There is a line following arena, a color search arena and a maze arena.  The team with the best robot and the best programming skills wins but really we all win.  While we have the students in our building we also expose them to real industrial robots and connect the dots form the Lego world to the industrial world.  Kids make that leap really quickly.   We have an area for spectators and we also have Mayor Dan Mathieson and MPP Randy Pettapiece coming to help judge and hand out awards.  It will be an ‘Awesome’ event.

Printed on our 3D Printer



Registration 9:00 AM - 10:00AM

Competition 10:00AM - Noon

Lunch Noon - 1:00PM
Awards Ceremony 1:00PM
Departure 1:30PM



We tried to make it the same as a soccer tournament or any one of the other team events that schools get involved in. 

If you want to stay informed please like us on Facebook and Twitter or favorite our webpage dedicated to the event.


Do me a favor will you? 

Go to my LinkedIn page and click Michael knows about (Entrepreneurship – Culture – Building Great Companies on Great Culture – Innovation). I really do know these things but everyone ‘Clicks’ me for controls and robotics.  I can do these things too but my strength and what I love is the business side.  Thanks for the help.

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Michael McCourt at 11:46 AM
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