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Weyerhaeuser - PLC/Drives Upgrade

Project Requirements


D&D was commissioned to work on a modernization project for Weyerhauser at their Acadia, Louisiana facility.  The project entails replacing out dated controls equipment on the forming and press line with modern controls equipment. The goal was to reduce downtime and simplify maintenance.  The equipment to be replaced included three PLC5s, two IMC motion controllers, two racks of discrete electronics and 34 1336 drives. The project needed to be done in a way to minimize downtime.


Project Execution

Development work was done offline and then installed in pieces during the plant’s regularly scheduled down days every two weeks. After each install the plant had to be fully functional. The project started by replacing two the PLC5s that control the motion of the process. This was done in one day. Then during successive down days a number of 1336 drives were replace with PF755/753 drives on Ethernet I/P.

The motion code from the IMC was ported to the ControlLogix PLC and the functionality of the discrete electronics were replicated in the ControlLogix PLC.

Project Outcome

The electronics are no long required with one of the racks being completely turned off. The customer has a system that is completely networked with Ethernet I/P. Wiring to the drives will have been reduced by replacing most functionality with communications networks. All the drives including the motion drives are able to be monitored and maintained directly from the PLC through Ethernet. With all the discrete electronics gone the status of everything within the system can be seen through the PLC. The coolest thing is the size of the press. It is 8 X 12 feet with 12 opening to press 12 boards at a time. The press closes from the bottom up and uses over 24,000 liters of oil to close.

Controls upgrades and modernization are fast becoming a big part of our business here at D&D.  With the right team executing the right plan the risk in upgrades can be reduced and removed.

Don’t let your control system become obsolete!





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