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Moving pieces and product from point A to point B can be a complex task when speed and precision are required.  Designers and users of these systems rely on them to produce day in and day out.  Flexibility of modern manufacturing is a concern.

Electrified Mono-Rail, belt, roller, skid, pallet, sortation and AGVs.

If it moves product from point A to Point B... We Do That!

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Automated Welding and Assembly is an art and a science.  Buyers  and users of automated / robotic systems usually approach the purchase decision with trepidation. They are concerned about making a mistake—a big, expensive mistake. To address this fear, we partner with machine builders, equipment resellers and end users to provide  fully integrated solutions.  Risk is mitigated and return on investment is maximized.

Welding, Assembly, Vision, Robotics.

If it's Automated Assembly... We Do That!

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No matter what degree of automation is desired, whether relatively simple, semi-automatic or highly automated, D&D maintains the same standards of highest quality materials and workmanship. Great emphasis is given to guarding, operator safety, ease of operation and simple maintenance.  Batch, Furnace, Forming, Annealing, Finishing all require the same degree of precision whether for float or glass reinforced plastic.

If its Batch or Continuous Control… We Do That!

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With over 20 Years in the Industrial Controls Systems Integration Business, D&D has a wide range of experience in many vertical markets and with most major technologies. D&D has talent for Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Renewables & Energy as well as textiles.

D&D spends much of their time in the world of automotive manufacturing.  D&D is a forward-looking company. The imminent convergence of the transportation, telecommunication and electrical power industries makes D&D well position to take advantage of the opportunities that this unprecedented change will bring.

If its a PLC or Connects to a PLC... We Do That!

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D&D Automation Inc. is a controls integrator. We are a contracting firm that designs and implements PLC based control systems for industrial machinery, manufacturing lines, process environments and other automated facilities.


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D&D is a leader in integrating both the hardware and the software with the client’s existing facilities. We will provide the services required for a complete turnkey installation but also offer all of the individual elements of an automation project such as consulting, programming, electrical contracting and panel construction.